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Cars need to be maintained on a regular basis to remain in good condition. However, it is often easy to overlook service checks. You may assume that because your vehicle seems to be working fine, there is no need to get it checked over by a professional. However, if you fail to get your car checked over regularly, minor faults can turn into larger and more costly problems, and service checks also help to ensure that your car is safe to drive.

All vehicles require a different level of servicing, and this will depend upon factors such as the model and age of the vehicle. For more information, we recommend that you look in the handbook provided by your car’s manufacturer.

We provide two different levels of vehicle servicing: standard and comprehensive. The standard check includes 45 checks, including an inspection of the brakes and the tyres. If you use your vehicle for shorter journeys or your mileage is high, this is a good option for you in between getting a more comprehensive check each year.

The comprehensive check includes 50 checks, and it is recommended for any car either every 12 months or after travelling 12,000 miles, whichever is first.

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