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Two Thirds of Drivers Don’t Regularly Check Their Oil

January 10th, 2014

Research commissioned by Kwik-Fit has found that 65% of drivers, over 21million motorists, don’t realise that their oil expires in their car. This leads to a build up of dirt in the engine that may not be noticed until it’s too late.

Alongside keeping the oil levels topped up, engine oil should generally be replaced once a year to keep the interior of the engine clean and well lubricated, reducing unnecessary wear and tear on engine components. Check  the manufacturer’s specifications on the oil used for best practices. The survey found that older drivers are more vigilant in this, with 68% of drivers over 65 replacing their engine oil annually, while only half of young motorists replace theirs on a yearly basis.

If you’re unsure about the health of your oil we carry out a free oil check that can provide peace of mind.

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